Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus: VR mod available

Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus: VR mod available

A modification to Bethesda's shooter Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus makes the fight for freedom against Nazis compatible with PC VR.

Mod developer Helifax has already delivered adaptations of various Wolfenstein titles for 3D glasses like Nvidia's "3D Vision" in the past. Recently, he released his first full-fledged VR modification for Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus. If you own the original of the game, it practically gets a virtual reality mode.

Helifax has decoupled free looking from movement. While you look around with the VR headset, you aim the gun with the right stick of the controller. So far, only controllers of the Valve Index and the Oculus Quest 2 have been tested with the mod and the buttons have been assigned accordingly.

Blazkowicz reports for duty - in VR

The action-packed, linear first-person shooter was released in 2017 and picks up where Wolfenstein: The New Order left off. In the role of the lone fighter B.J. Blazkowicz, you'll once again handle a lot of massive destruction machines, such as a fat laser. In the year 1961 of an alternative timeline, your objective is to liberate the occupied USA. Your mission even takes you to irradiated New York and Area 51.

In the following gameplay video, the VR mod already seems to run pleasantly smooth, apart from a few moments where weapons slide through other objects. The bizarre scenery is still impressive, especially in VR.

Some important requirements are explained in the readme file of the mod. For example, a graphics card from Nvidia is mandatory. Cards from the GeForce GTX 1600 upwards are supported, so also models from the 2000 and 3000 series.

You should also set some advanced graphics settings accordingly. These include the quality level for volumetric lighting (set to medium) and disabling Deferred Rendering (separates the light calculation from the physical shape of the objects).


Get the VR mod for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus here. You can also support Helifax on Patreon. Also, check out our list of great VR mods for 2D games.

Wolfenstein in VR: Return to the alternative timeline

With Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, there is already an official VR spin-off to Wolfenstein: Youngblood in 2019. However, the VR shooter suffered greatly from brainless enemies and technical problems. In addition, there are already several VR mods for the long series history - for example, Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Quest.

VR modder Luke Ross proves that VR modding is worthwhile. He has developed mods for GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, among others. Ross is also planning a VR mod for the hit role-playing game Elden Ring. Ross recently revealed that he makes around $10,000 a month from his Patreon earnings.

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