The VR studio behind 'theBlu' is working on the next-gen spatial experiences

The VR studio behind 'theBlu' is working on the next-gen spatial experiences

Epic Games and HTC are investing in the legendary VR studio Wevr, which is now developing content for Quest, Vision Pro, and the HTC Vive.


Epic Games and HTC are increasing their previous investment in WeVR by investing an additional $3.5 million in the studio that created theBlu and Gnomes & Goblins VR experiences as well as the Wevr Virtual Studio VR development platform.

“Wevr is a long-time leader in immersive content creation,” said Kim Libreri, Epic Games CTO, in a prepared press release. “We are excited to see how they take their Virtual Studio platform and Unreal Engine expertise forward to develop next-generation spatial experiences.”

HTC CEO Cher Wang describes Wevr as a studio that is in "command XR technology".  "We share the founders’ mission and passion for creating high quality spatial content and bringing immersive experiences to the next level on premium XR systems."

Wevr says it is developing spatial products for Apple Vision Pro, HTC Vive, Meta Quest, and other devices and screen formats.


theBlu: An iconic VR experience

TheBlu was released in 2016 as a launch title for the HTC Vive.

In the PC VR experience, you meet a whale, find yourself in the middle of a coral reef with glowing jellyfish and sea turtles, or dive into the pitch-black depths with a flashlight where a giant underwater creature awaits. The experience was a technological sensation eight years ago because you could move around and interact with the virtual environment using the Vive controllers-


In 2022, a new version of TheBlu was released, optimized for DLCs, with new features and content.

Wevr also produced Gnomes & Goblins in collaboration with film director Jon Favreau.