Weightlifting goes virtual with the new Vi headset

Weightlifting goes virtual with the new Vi headset

A new fitness-focused XR headset has been teased that can measure the amount of weight you lift thanks to a glove sensor.


There's no shortage of new VR headsets to look forward to. LIV founder CIX announced on social media site X the Vi mixed reality headset designed specifically for fitness games. Vi is also developing a glove that can sense the amount of weight being lifted to more accurately track your progress.

The Vision Pro lacks Apple Fitness+, but the Meta Quest 3 is well-known to be a great VR workout headset. However, there's always room for improvement.

CIX demonstrated a prototype of the glove in the X post, showing how it can detect when different barbells are lifted. Concept renderings of both the headset and glove are included.

The Vi team includes VR fitness pioneer CIX, Plexus glove developer Eugene Nadyrshin, and XR product designer Marcus Kane. Few details were shared beyond the plan to launch the glove first, which the company aims to make compatible with multiple VR headsets.


VR fitness market is growing

This is simply a teaser at the moment, but it's intriguing. Fitness is a strong motivation to own a VR headset as shown by the hugely popular Supernatural workout app.

Supernatural has seen an explosion of competitors recently, including updates to FitXR, the new Les Mills Dance app, and many more VR apps that gamify workouts.

Taking a fitness-first approach to a VR headset could prove to be a successful venture. It's much too early to know. We haven't heard any technical specifications, pricing, or launch date. Stay tuned for more details.