Supernatural VR fitness app gets a big price drop

Supernatural VR fitness app gets a big price drop

Supernatural, one of the most popular VR fitness apps, just got a big drop in subscription prices during Meta Connect.

Supernatural, a viral VR fitness app that could replace your gym membership just dropped its monthly subscription fee by 50%. If you’ve held off trying it because of the high price, it might be time to take a second look.

Supernatural places real fitness coaches in front of you to provide motivation, inspiring you to keep working out. The phone app sends daily reminders and alerts you about new music and workouts. The combination really works, as proven by the app’s large subscriber base. The Official Facebook group boasts over 88,000 members.

A Supernatural bargain

Supernatural previously cost $19 per month with a seven-day trial to let you test out the app in advance. Even with the annual subscription discount, the result was a monthly cost of $16.58.

For VR fitness fans looking to sweat more and move to the music, it was a small price to pay. For VR gamers accustomed to one-time purchases, it might have been too much.

Now the monthly subscription is just $9.99 or $99.99 annually. Supernatural shared Anshul Dhawan’s post on X, breaking the news to anyone that didn’t catch the brief mention during Meta Connect.

For existing Supernatural monthly subscribers, you'll automatically get the same deal. For annual subscribers, every full month remaining of your subscription is doubled. For example, if you bought an annual subscription in January 2023, you've used nine months, and the remaining three months will be extended to six months.


How big is VR fitness?

Supernatural, now owned by Meta, made a big splash by placing real coaches in VR and combining proven motivational methods like top music hits to get people moving to the beat. The app is popular enough that Meta might have been concerned Apple would acquire developer Within before Meta did.

The app started with a Beat Saber-like system of smashing targets with batons in time with the music but now includes boxing. meditation and more. VR fitness seems particularly popular with women, but men are getting into VR workouts as well.

Supernatural isn’t the only VR fitness app. FitXR offers one of the most varied workout programs in VR, including Zumba. For a martial arts workout, Les Mills Bodycombat will strengthen your combat moves. Once a boxing app, Litesport has expanded to include weight training.

If you haven’t tried a VR fitness app yet, you should check out the titles available. VR isn’t just for gaming any longer.

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