Litesport brings VR strength training to Meta Quest

Litesport brings VR strength training to Meta Quest

The fitness app Litesport trains you via passthrough AR with Trainers directly in your living room through a monthly subscription.

Les Mills Body Combat (review) and FitXR (review), among others, already prove that fitness and VR go well together. A competing app, Litesport for Meta Quest 2 (review) and Quest Pro (review), finally brings strength training to virtual reality. Some may still know it by its old name, Liteboxer. The developer studio heavily revised the boxing app, which launched in March 2022, and changed the name to match.

In addition to boxing and endurance programs, there are now also hand tracking-enabled strength exercises that can be done with real dumbbells. Virtual trainers appear directly in front of you in the room via passthrough AR giving you instructions to optimize your workout and form.

VR fitness with hand tracking for the Quest (2)

On the Quest 2, the physical environment remains black and white. The Quest Pro offers a higher-quality view in color.

The new VR strength training sessions are different from the other app modes. Here, there are no score, leaderboard, or "match results." Instead, the virtual trainers guide you through the exercises for 16 muscle groups displayed on an interactive "muscle map."


The goal is to select different muscle groups to create a personalized program and improve your performance. Warner Music Group provides background music.

"We are unique in the space where the trainer is in front of you, showing what you do for the entire workout," says founder and CEO Jeff Morin. "Not just an intro, not a voiceover, but right in front of you - showing you good form, sweating, and doing the work. Now take that, add the interactivity and the feedback made possible by working out in the headset, and we have something pretty addictive. That's what we're all about."

Litesport is available as a subscription for $18.99 per month. In addition to a free trial week, there is also a limited free membership. Quest 1 is also supported, by the way.

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