Quest Pro does not solve Meta's stock market problem

Quest Pro does not solve Meta's stock market problem

Our weekly recap: Investor pressure on Meta increases, while the new Quest Pro headset leaves a mixed impression in initial tests.

Quest Pro does not lead Meta out of stock market crisis

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to bet billions on the Metaverse, with no prospect of significant returns any time soon. This is worsening Meta's balance sheets, leading to further losses on the stock market - partly because investors are skeptical of Zuckerberg's Metaverse promises, as usual. The latest quarterly results fell short of expectations, leading to a further slump in Meta's stock, which has now hit new lows. One investor is calling on Zuckerberg to rethink in a public letter.

Zukunftsvision einer Mixed-Reality-Kollaboration mit Avataren und virtuellen Displays.

The mixed reality mode does not trigger any enthusiasm storms in the first Quest Pro tests. This is due in particular to the crackly video review. | Image: Meta

Meta's latest headset Quest Pro cannot dispel investors' skepticism. First Quest Pro testers attest to the device's many qualities, but the new mixed reality mode (app examples), which would have the potential to open up new application scenarios and target groups compared to VR, is seen rather critically.

Microsoft and Samsung are reportedly no longer working together for XR hardware

Microsoft is reportedly not currently working on Hololens 3 or XR hardware for consumers. Recently, it was rumored that Microsoft would partner with Samsung for consumers. Those rumors were true, according to the Wall Street Journal, but they are already outdated: Microsoft has ended the collaboration with Samsung, WSJ reports.

Quest 3 will be released in 2023

Quest 3, the successor to the most successful VR headset of all time, Quest 2, has significantly more sales potential than Quest Pro. Quest 3 will be released in 2023, as Mark Zuckerberg confirmed during the recent quarterly earnings conference call. CAD drafts of the Meta Quest 3 prototype were leaked at the beginning of October. According to these, Meta relies heavily on mixed reality, as it did with Quest Pro.


100,000 non-existent people as a free download

In the fall of 2019, the website Generated Photos by the US company Icons8 launched with a select offering of AI-generated portrait photos of non-existent people. Now comes the next step: AI-generated full-body photos. 100,000 of them are available (in low resolution) as a free download.

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