Wacky comic shooter Gazzlers comes to Playstation VR 2

Wacky comic shooter Gazzlers comes to Playstation VR 2

Screaming Gazzlers, a divine mission and an arsenal of weapons. This crazy VR shooter for PSVR 2 makes an impression.

The VR game Gazzlers sends you into a completely crazy future world. On your way to the temple of the machine god, you'll be chased through the desert by hordes of screeching rodents and have to shoot around every second. Publisher Odders Lab is releasing the rail shooter, originally announced as a multiplayer game, on 14 September with a major change for PSVR 2, Quest 2, Pico 4 and PC VR.

Changes during the development process

Gazzlers has been designed as a cooperative rail shooter with a multiplayer focus since it was first announced two years ago. Now, as it nears release, it will become a single player experience.

In an interview with UploadVR, Odders Lab explains the new direction: The focus will be on enemies, weapons and rogue design. Multiplayer elements have been put on hold due to the team's limited resources.

Despite the shift to single-player, there will still be a social component in the form of leaderboards, as seen in other Odders games such as OhShape or Les Mills Bodycombat.


All hail the machine god

With its over-the-top humour and exaggerated comic book look, Gazzlers is reminiscent of the Borderlands shooter series, which also has a VR port. Players race their locomotive across the desert on the distant planet of Ginkgo to rescue the 'Machine God'. Along the way, a horde of motorised Gazzlers will attack you on crazily cobbled-together vehicles.

As the game progresses, you will collect “scrap” and improve your skills. An extensive arsenal of weapons, various modifiers, and rogue-like elements are intended to keep things interesting and varied. On the official website, the developers explain that continuous updates are planned, but details remain open.

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