VRChat's New Year's Eve party is probably the most metaverse-like event of the year

VRChat's New Year's Eve party is probably the most metaverse-like event of the year

The big VR New Year's Eve party also returns at the end of 2022. A 24-hour marathon in VRChat features 22 concert acts from Beat Saber & Co.

In recent years, the corona pandemic ensured that many a VR fan simply celebrated New Year's Eve in virtual reality instead of in packed crowds. At the end of 2022, popular social app VRChat will continue this tradition. On December 31, 2022, the popular social app will once again host a big New Year's Eve party, with concerts, community posters, promo booths, and "ball drop" countdowns for all time zones around the world.

You can join the "VRChat Square New Years World" in the Worlds selection and experience the spectacle. During the 24-hour marathon, 22 music acts and DJs will perform who are connected to the VR community.

Beats beat firecrackers in virtual reality

Especially for friends of Japanese and hard sounds, a detour into the party world might be worthwhile in the afternoon. The hardcore techno duo "DJ Sharpnel", well-known in the Japanese underground, will be playing.

Camellia follows, who should be known to Beat Saber players for high-speed beats. His wild breakcore track "Spin Eternally" with 222 BPM would even make Luke Skywalker sweat. Previously, he contributed tracks to rhythm games like Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution or Osu!

Like DJ Sharpnel, Camellia also performs on the Japanese stage. The land of the rising sun welcomes the new year earlier than the other country stages.


On the European stage, artists like Jazzysenpai, Hadean or Noire will perform. Those who want to party through from Europe can then switch to the US stage, where artists like Halo, G-Dub or PC will perform.

During the breaks between the performances, pre-made content will be streamed. There are also several virtual promo booths you can visit. Pavilions will feature trailers for the HBO documentary "We Met in Virtual Reality" and the multiplayer adventure game "Treasure Heist: Domain of the Gods" will be on display.

New Year's Eve in VRChat

Similar to the real Time Square in New York, a ball drops in the virtual counterpart, which serves as a countdown for the new year. Since each time zone celebrates the turn of the year at a different time, there are 24 "ball drops" in total.

The event is supported by Hololive, a popular VTuber platform in Japan, and tracking hardware manufacturer Tundra Labs. Unlike some previous events, the organizers have not yet announced the ability to stream the event to traditional screens. Here's a look at the full musical schedule (don't be confused by the wrong date in the graphic):

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