VR Treadmill "Kat Walk C2 Core": Pre-orders now open

VR Treadmill

The Kat Walk C2 Core promises more freedom of movement and can now be pre-ordered now at a discounted introductory price.

The Kat Walk C2 Kickstarter project has already been a success. The new Kat Walk C2 Core is designed to bring the VR treadmill to even more gamers at a lower entry price of $899. The offer is valid until September 15. The price for the older C2+ model (including VR Haptics) currently starts at $1,399.

Innovations such as a slim but sturdy bar behind the back promise even more freedom of movement in 360 degrees. The movable belt on the VR treadmill wraps around the player's hips, making it easier to jump, squat or kneel, according to manufacturer Kat VR.

VR treadmill for agile movement

The term "treadmill" is not entirely accurate. As with the Kat Walk C, Kat Walk C 2 and Kat Walk C 2+, it is more of a glide board. Users strap themselves to the back bar and slide their feet along the smooth plastic plate, mimicking walking movements.

In this way, the brain and body register the movement, ideally enhancing immersion in virtual reality and reducing nausea. The optical tracking is the same as in the standard C2 model and similar to that of a computer mouse (SPI ≥ 1200). The manufacturer, Kat VR, claims a latency of less than ten milliseconds, a distance accuracy of less than 0.12 millimetres and a rotation accuracy of 0.3 degrees. There is no haptic upgrade for the new model yet.


Over 250 games now support the C2 platform on SteamVR, in addition to over 50 titles from the Rift Store. There are also over 25 Meta Quest games (with the Kat Nexus adapter for an extra $69). Playstation VR (2) support is on the way.

Matching shoes with a non-slip soles are included and can be selected in the appropriate size when ordering. Interested VR gamers should note that additional shipping costs of several hundred US dollars may apply. The optional fabric seat costs an additional $299.

Pre-orders have been available since Monday 1 August, with delivery in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia starting in September. Click here to visit the official store for full specifications.

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Sources: Kat VR