VR MMORPG Zenith launches open beta for new free-to-play mode

VR MMORPG Zenith launches open beta for new free-to-play mode

Zenith: Nexus opens the gates to the Infinite Realms. You can explore the new free-to-play mode in an open beta. What can you expect?


Developer Ramen VR has announced the launch of an open beta for the new Infinite Realms game mode of the VR MMORPG Zenith. The beta is now live and available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro for free. However, SteamVR players must own a copy of the main game Zenith: The Last City to enter the Infinite Realms.

New hub and changing events

Infinite Realms is introducing a new central hub called City Plaza. Here you will learn about the new game mechanics, find challenges, vendors, upgrade stations, and hangout areas.

An NPC will be on hand in the hub to offer help and advice. You can also explore the Fractured Worlds, which are located behind the Iron, Silver, and Pandowl Gates. The content beyond the Pandowl Gate changes daily at 2:00 pm PT.

Skills, parkour, and shared XP

The new game mode also introduces revamped player skills. You can now use Tempest Blades, energy disks that can be enhanced with fire and ice modifiers. As you level up, you will unlock additional modifiers and gestures.

You can explore the Infinite Realms with an extensive parkour system that lets you jump, slide, and climb. The game mode also features shared XP and level scaling. This means that the experience points you earn in each session are shared among your party, and the difficulty of your opponents is individually scaled.

Stress test for the Infinite Realms

The Open Beta serves as a stress test for the game's performance. Ramen VR plans to patch the beta over time and refine the game mode based on player feedback.


Since this is an early version of the game, you should expect bugs. At the end of this article, you will find a link to Ramen VR's Open Beta Start Guide.


Free to play to secure monetization

Ramen VR announced at the beginning of February that they would be changing Zenith due to financial difficulties. The new Zenith: Nexus consists of the original game Zenith: The Last City, which will still be available as purchasable DLC, and Zenith: Infinite Realms.

The latter is a new procedurally generated action-adventure role-playing game that will be partially free-to-play. By introducing a more accessible free-to-play version, the studio hopes to significantly increase the number of players and create a new, long-term revenue stream.


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