VR MMORPG Zenith is going free to play

VR MMORPG Zenith is going free to play

Ramen VR is fundamentally changing Zenith: The Last City and hopes to free itself from financial difficulties.


The VR MMORPG Zenith is about to undergo a major change. After extensive discussion and analysis of player data, the team behind Zenith has decided to redesign the game. The result is "Zenith: Nexus", which will be partially free to play and introduce a new game mode.

Zenith: Nexus includes Zenith: The Last City, the original main game, which will still be available as paid DLC, and Zenith: Infinite Realms. This is a new procedurally generated action-adventure role-playing game. Infinite Realms will be more accessible, introduce a revamped movement system, and be playable in co-op. There will also be new social features.

Existing Zenith players will be able to keep The Last City and all of their progress. Zenith will also introduce a new virtual currency called "Zennies". You will be able to purchase seasonal content, cosmetics, and more avatar customization in a small in-game store. These changes will take effect with the next update.



Big challenges for Ramen VR

Zenith, developed by Ramen VR, launched in early 2022 and got off to an impressive start, securing a place among the top-rated premium titles on Meta Quest. The game's popularity led to a $35 million investment in Ramen VR. However, according to recent reports, Zenith: The Last City has been losing money for nearly a year.

Despite a promising start and several major updates, Zenith is facing major challenges. Developer Ramen VR has never charged a subscription fee, relying solely on game sales to cover the cost of running the server. With the introduction of a free-to-play version, the studio is hoping for a significant increase in players and a new, long-term source of revenue.

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Sources: Ramen VR