VR hit Moss 2 announced for Meta Quest 2

VR hit Moss 2 announced for Meta Quest 2

The gorgeous VR game Moss: Book II is coming to Meta Quest 2 after its timed exclusive release for Playstation VR.

In Moss you take on two roles: One is that of a reader, a ghostly figure who hovers over a diorama world and can manipulate things within it. At the same time, you control the little mouse lady Quill - this includes running, jumping, climbing and fighting.

In my Moss 2 review, I noted that the game skillfully builds on the strengths of the first part and develops them with flair. "Moss I and II are for me as formative for VR as Baldur's Gate was for PC games back then."

Moss 2 coming in summer 2022 for Quest 2

So far, Moss: Book II is only available for Playstation VR, Sony's already aging VR headset. That's about to change, though.

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, developer studio Polyarc announced that Moss 2 will be released on Meta Quest 2 before the end of summer 2022.

Moss 2 will only be released for the Quest 2, the Quest 1 is probably excluded due to the significantly weaker hardware.


"One of the first things we heard when we launched Moss: Book II on PlayStation VR a few weeks ago was that the Quest 2 community wanted to play it, and we’re going to deliver on that in the very near future," said Tam Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Polyarc.

“Our goal from day one has been getting the Moss franchise onto as many headsets as possible. We want all VR players to have the opportunity to experience the joy of physical interaction and power of the emotional resonance we’ve been building into the worlds we create. We’re excited to share our game with millions of Quest 2 players around the world this summer.”

Is Moss 2 also coming to PC VR headsets?

This is also likely a hint at a subsequent release for SteamVR. Although the first part Quest (2) didn't experience too much of a graphics downgrade either, the PC VR version is generally sharper and more detailed. In addition, the Quest (2) can also be used via Meta Link or Air Link.

Moss: Book II is also not the end of the story. Apparently, Polyarc is planning more VR games in this world.

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