VR games: Is Moss 2 already the end of the story?

VR games: Is Moss 2 already the end of the story?

The end of the great VR game Moss: Book II suggests that the story is all told. Is it really?

There are many reasons why I love video games. Video games are fantasies made interactive. They tell great stories in which I am directly involved and my choices sometimes even determine the outcome. They awaken my spirit of discovery, take me on adventures, and surprise me again and again. Video games are more than art to me - they are a way of life. Some of the skills I have today, like strategic thinking or organizational skills, I learned through games.

Gaming needs Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next stage in the evolution of video games and, in my opinion, will eventually - when technology allows it - replace the 2D screen. This has to do with the tremendous immersion that VR brings. Moss 2 has, once again, given me confidence in this opinion. For the second time, the hit game from Polyarc gave me those gaming moments that every gaming enthusiast knows: a feeling of elation for almost the entire playtime, constant amazement, and emotional involvement.

These moments have become rare. In an industry where there has been a lot of creative stagnation in recent years, where - more and more boldly  - more is promised than implemented or delivered, exploitation, misogyny, and greed have left deep scars. This makes all the more reason for the rare gaming moments to create a lasting impression - and the desire is strong for the studios that can produce such experiences to stay on the ball.

The VR niche is still small and thus a risk for studios

Now, VR has the hardware problem on the one hand (see VR headset comparison) but, on the other, many gamers don't even know about VR gems like Moss. Mainstream media typically only covers VR games marginally, limiting the reach of these titles. The quality of a game has long since ceased to determine how much attention it receives in the digital press. This has a direct impact on revenues for studios, especially in the fledgling field of virtual reality.

That's why I was very happy that there was a sequel to Moss at all. However, the end of Moss 2 feels like a goodbye - and that would be downright tragic because VR games of this type and quality are few and far between. That's why I asked Polyarc if the story of Moss is really all told.


Polyarc wants to continue the Moss series

The answer comes from Polyarc's publishing director, Lincoln Davis. He says, "Moss I and II are part of a library and we have many more stories to tell." So at least it's clear that there are plans for more VR games of this type in the Moss world. That's good news, I think.


Maybe more Moss games will focus on different, new characters first. | Image: Polyarc

It is not yet certain whether we will play with other, new characters and have to say goodbye to Quill as a protagonist for the time being. After all, the diorama or tabletop genre offers enormous possibilities in VR, including the implementation of complete role-playing games.

So it looks like Polyarc will stay with us and we can be curious to see how Moss will develop further. I certainly am.

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