VR fitness app raises prices on Meta Quest 2

VR fitness app raises prices on Meta Quest 2

Everything is getting more expensive, including VR Fitness. Subscription prices for FitXR are going up, but existing customers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Virtual reality fitness app FitXR has announced that it will increase prices for new monthly and annual subscriptions on Meta Quest 2 starting September 1, 2023. However, existing active subscriptions will be exempt from the price adjustment.

No price increase for current customers

FitXR assures existing users that they will be able to continue using the planned new features and content at the same price at which they originally subscribed. However, new users will have to expect higher prices starting in September 2023.

A monthly subscription will cost $12.99 (approximately £9.99 in the UK or €11.89 in Europe). The annual subscription will then cost $107.99 as a one-time payment (equivalent to about £83.99 in the UK or €98.99 in Europe), which represents a 30 percent savings compared to the monthly payment, despite the increase.


Response to Rising Development Costs

FitXR says the price increase is in response to the rising costs of maintaining and developing the fitness app. The studio plans to use the additional revenue to ensure it can continue to offer new classes each week, expand its VR environments and studios, and implement new technologies to optimize FitXR. FitXR will continue to evolve through the use of AI, among other things.

Payment processing, as well as cancellation and refund policies, will continue to be handled directly by Meta. Recently, FitXR also announced that it will cease development of the game for Meta Quest 1, but will continue to provide support. On Meta's discontinued model, the VR fitness app will even be free if you're an existing customer. New registrations for Quest 1 will no longer be possible.

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Sources: Meta Quest Blog