VR fitness app goes free on Meta Quest with 300 classes

VR fitness app goes free on Meta Quest with 300 classes

FitXR has released more details about the end of the fitness app on the Quest 1. Users will have access to around 300 courses in the final version and can now have a say in which workouts make it to the final lineup. All you have to do is send an email to support@fitxr.com. FitXR will publish the final list at the end of the month. Access to the final version of Quest 1 is available to users who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You own Legacy FitXR on Quest 1
  • You own Legacy BoxVR on Quest 1
  • You have an active monthly or annual membership on Quest 1 at the point of freeze

FitXR for the Meta Quest 1 will be limited but not discontinued. Active members will even be able to train for free under certain conditions.

The Meta Quest 1 has long outlived its usefulness. Its second successor, Quest 3, was recently announced, and the technology of Quest 1 is simply outdated.

More and more developers are noticing this, and it is becoming more and more difficult for them to keep their VR games running on the Quest 1. Now, FitXR is announcing major changes for members who use the Quest 1 to play VR games.

Quest 1 will no longer be able to lift FitXR

The studio behind the subscription-based VR fitness app has announced that FitXR will soon no longer be available for the Quest 1 in its familiar form. The outdated VR headset could no longer keep up with the development of the VR game, resulting in more and more performance issues.

In the near future, it will no longer be possible to sign up for a new FitXR membership from a Quest 1. Starting in September, existing customers using current memberships through Quest 1 will be transitioned to a free version of FitXR.

FitXR goes free and constant for Quest 1

The Quest 1-exclusive free version of FitXR is said to include a large and constant library of workouts. According to the developers, all current studios such as Boxing, Dance, HIIT, Combat and Sculpt are included. However, no new workouts will be added.


There will also be no technical updates. However, in collaboration with Meta, the studio wants to ensure that users continue to have the best possible experience with Quest 1 and will continue to monitor the health of the app to quickly address any bugs or issues that arise.

Meta Quest 1 to be discontinued

Meta announced the end of support for Quest 1 earlier this year. It will still be possible to use it, but there will be no new features or updates in the future.

Access to Meta's social features will also soon no longer be available through Quest 1. Since April, third-party studios have also been officially allowed to discontinue Quest 1 support for their VR games. It is clear that more and more VR games will disappear from Quest 1.

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