VR concerts and events: What AmazeVR plans for 2023

VR concerts and events: What AmazeVR plans for 2023

High-quality VR concerts could become a lucrative industry. AmazeVR wants to expand its offerings.

AmazeVR says it is the first and only company to use exclusive and proprietary technologies to create hyper-real, high-definition live-action recordings of musicians. The 3D stage environments give fans a front row seat for a personalized experience with the musicians.

At the same time, the VR concerts are said to be easily scalable and faster to produce due to the technologies used. AmazeVR aims to become a major player in the music industry, enabling new experiences for musicians and their fans beyond the traditional live concert experience.

AmazeVR: Platform for High Quality VR Concerts

Founded in 2015, AmazeVR has received more than $40 million in investment over the years. Last year, another branch was established in Seoul, South Korea, after South Korean music TV company CJ ENM acquired shares in the company. The company has also entered into a joint venture with South Korean talent agency SM Entertainment.

AmazeVR's CEO, Ernest Lee, expressed his excitement about ushering in the next era of VR concert production with the support of investment partners and working with big names in the music industry to deliver immersive performances.

The development of the necessary technologies for the Enter Thee Hottieverse VR concert featuring U.S. rapper Megan Thee Stallion in 2022 laid the groundwork for the new concept. This was followed by a collaboration with South Korean girl band Aespa for both virtual and live concerts. A "metaverse concert" with Aespa is scheduled to take place in March via the Kwangya Club app.


K-pop girl band Aespa on stage

South Korean K-pop girl band Aespa. | Image: AmazeVR

In addition, AmazeVR plans to focus this year on expanding its production tools to create VR concerts faster in the future. After that, many more VR concerts will be produced. Artists will be able to offer their VR concerts on the platform. AmazeVR sees itself as a VR alternative to Spotify and Live Nation. An important genre focus will be K-pop.

Successful launch with US rapper Megan Thee Stallion

In the spring of 2022, AmazeVR launched its new event concept that combines virtual reality and live music events: US rapper Megan Thee Stallion's VR concert series took place in fifteen US cities, with a total of over 100 screenings in movie theaters. Fans were able to rent VR headsets on site to experience the unique event.

US rapper Megan Thee Stallion on a poster for VR concerts by AmazeVR

Megan Thee Stallion's VR concert tour with AmazeVR was a success. | Image: AmazeVR

The U.S. tour was a success, with most dates sold out. Starting in November 2022, the concert will be available as a VR experience in your own home. It runs on Quest 2 or Quest Pro and can be purchased through Meta's App Lab.

Joe Choi, strategy and operations manager at AmazeVR, envisions VR concerts becoming primarily online, eliminating physical limitations for fans. The goal is for VR concerts to become a key component of artists' marketing strategies and album releases, representing a new paradigm for both artists and fans. The only question that remains is which artists might follow Megan Thee Stallion and Aespa.