Viture One Lite: Affordable AR glasses support Apple's Spatial Videos

Viture One Lite: Affordable AR glasses support Apple's Spatial Videos

The Viture One Lite AR glasses stream on a 120-inch virtual screen and support Apple's Spatial Videos. The price? One tenth of the Vision Pro.


Viture introduces the One Lite, a more affordable version of the Viture One AR glasses. For $349, the Viture One Lite can be paired with a device to stream content to a virtual 120-inch screen in 1080p. For example, it streams Netflix or YouTube videos or the image of a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck into your field of vision at 60 frames per second.

One feature currently distinguishes the glasses from competing products such as the Xreal Air 2: The Viture One Lite offers native support for Apple's Spatial Videos and is compatible with all iPhone models via an adapter. It plays the 3D clips directly in Viture's companion app SpaceWalker XR, which also supports multiscreen. No conversion is required.

The Viture One Lite is available in marshmallow white or black and weighs just under 78 grams. The "Neckband" is actually optional, but important for most features. It supports the glasses with power, 128 GB memory and Wi-Fi, is based on Android and can therefore run all major streaming apps such as Netflix, Twitch, or the Xbox Cloud Gaming app. You can also connect controllers via Bluetooth and play on the go.

The AR glasses are available now and can be ordered from the manufacturer's website (see link in the source below).


Further data:

  • FoV: 43 degrees
  • Dimensions: 186 x 76 x 76mm
  • Contrast ratio: 50.000:1
  • Colors: 129% sRGB
  • PPD: 55
  • IPD: 57.5 - 69.5mm
  • Brightness: 1,800 nits
  • Integrated speakers: Yes

Spatial video playback also with Meta Quest

The Viture One Lite is very similar to the Xreal Air 2 in terms of design and functionality, but is almost $100 cheaper. There is also an optional streaming device for the Air 2 that offers more features.

By the way, if you already own a Meta Quest 3, you don't need to buy another device to watch spatial videos. Since the v62 update, the VR headset can play spatial videos.

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