Nofio Wireless Adapter for Valve Index now available for pre-order

Nofio Wireless Adapter for Valve Index now available for pre-order

The Valve Index goes wireless with Nofio's wireless adapter. After several delays, the startup is now accepting pre-orders.

The wireless adapter was announced in July 2022, and a subsequent Kickstarter campaign raised about $600,000. The accessory was originally scheduled to ship in early 2023, but as is often the case with Kickstarter projects, there were delays.

Yesterday, the Australian startup opened the pre-order phase. The first units are expected to ship in early October, with the first batches likely to be reserved for Kickstarter backers. According to Nofio's online store, all products will be delivered in late Q4 2023.

This is how much the Nofio Wireless Adapter costs

The Nofio Wireless Adapter is a unique product designed specifically for Valve Index. The startup uses Wi-Fi 6E and promises the lowest wireless video latency on the market for an area of up to 5 meters by 5 meters. The device supports hot swapping, which should mean no interruption when changing the battery.

The following products are available for pre-order in the online store, the prices listed are for the USA:

  • The Wireless Adapter, which consists of two parts: the head unit that attaches to the Valve Index and a transmitter. The price is $399.99. One battery is included.
  • An additional battery, which costs $55 and offers a runtime of approximately 2.5 hours.
  • The EOZ Body Strap, which allows an additional battery bank to be worn at the same time as the included head-mounted battery. It costs: $55.

Not a future-proof product

Several Youtubers got their hands on an early prototype of the Nofio Wireless Adapter last year. Among them was Brad Lynch, who was impressed with the technology (see video below). A full year has passed since then, and Nofio has continued to optimize the product. The startup plans to make review units available to press and Youtubers soon.


Of course, the question is who still needs a wireless adapter for several hundred dollars so late in the Valve Index's life cycle. An official successor to the Valve Index has not been announced, but there are interesting alternatives for PC VR fans, such as Bigscreen Beyond or Somnium VR1.

The former is advertised as the world's smallest VR headset and an exceptionally lightweight and comfortable Index upgrade. Please note, however, that the Nofio Wireless Adapter is designed exclusively for Valve Index and is not compatible with Bigscreen Beyond or other headsets.

You can pre-order the Nofio wireless adapter now on Nofio's online store.