Step into a Medieval City with Townsmen VR for Meta Quest 3

Step into a Medieval City with Townsmen VR for Meta Quest 3

Now on Quest 3, Townsmen VR brings the charm of city-building simulation to life in an immersive VR experience.


Townsmen VR, developed by the German video game company HandyGames, is now available for Meta Quest 3. This game merges city-building simulations with engaging VR controls, allowing players to start with a modest settlement and grow it across 13 varied islands and archipelagos. Offering a God-game experience mixed with traditional building elements, Townsmen VR takes advantage of VR's interactive capabilities.

The game features a fully narrated campaign spread over 13 unique islands, each presenting distinct challenges and quests. Players have the opportunity to build over 20 different buildings with upgrades and assign tasks to virtual villagers, fostering a vibrant supply chain and economy. Townsmen VR can be purchased on the Meta Quest Store for $29.99, €29,99, and £24.99.


A grandiose plea for virtual reality

Townsmen VR is one of the first real building simulations in VR, combining elements of classic city-builders like Settlers with the immersive possibilities of VR. It offers an opportunity for players to immerse themselves in a medieval world, taking on tasks such as construction, resource management, and defense against raiders. The game has received positive reviews for its level of detail, intuitive controls, and the variety of gameplay offered. In our review of Townsmen VR, we described the game as a “milestone for virtual reality” and a “must-have for simulation fans.”


A VR game this good should get a lot more attention

Townsmen VR sneaks onto Quest 3 almost unnoticed. Luckily, I got a short press release; otherwise I would have missed it. Unfortunately, Handy Games originally got stuck in early access hell with the PC VR version, and the finished, excellent VR game barely got any attention – partly due to a lack of marketing. The PSVR 2 launch was also quiet.

I'm glad that it made the important leap to Quest 3. The VR game is a real gem that deserves to be made available to a much wider audience. If you like building sims, you definitely can't miss Townsmen VR.


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