Tomb Raider is getting an unofficial VR port for Meta Quest

Tomb Raider is getting an unofficial VR port for Meta Quest

Team Beef is working on a VR port of the first Tomb Raider for Meta Quest, allowing you to experience the game from a first-person perspective.


Team Beef announced their latest project on Patreon and X last week, revealing the following features:

  • Full 6DoF tracking
  • Immersive 1st person view
  • True dual wielding weapons
  • Motion triggered actions

The VR port is being developed for Meta's and Pico's standalone headsets and will be based on the popular open-source engine OpenLara. OpenLara was created by Timur "XProger" Gagiev, who also led the development of the recently released Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. The remasters were well received by the press and fans of the original.

Tomb Raider VR, like all Team Beef projects, will be released to the public once development is complete. Those who support the team on Patreon will get access to the beta version of the VR port.


Playable in first or third-person perspective

Team Beef has ported first-person shooters like Doom 1-3, Quake 1-3, Half-Life, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Star Wars Jedi Knight II to standalone headsets. The VR ports have been wildly popular, with millions of downloads. John Carmack even connected the trio with id Software in hopes that the VR adaptations of Quake and Doom could appear in the Quest Store.

One of the three developers, Grant 'BaggyG' Bagwell, wrote on Discord that there will be a 1st/3rd person toggle button to quickly switch between the two views. This will be particularly useful in the platforming sections of the games and for players who are sensitive to artificial locomotion.


OpenLara also supports first-person view, alongside a higher frame rate and resolution, improved water textures and more.

More information on the new VR port can be found on Team Beef's Patreon page and the group's Discord server.

Sources: Team Beef via X