John Carmack put id Software in touch with the creators of Quake and Doom VR ports

John Carmack put id Software in touch with the creators of Quake and Doom VR ports

John Carmack connected id Software with the team that brought games like Doom and Quake to standalone VR headsets.


Carmack writes on Twitter that he got id Software employees to play the VR ports and that they are now in direct contact with Team Beef. Carmack says he is hopeful, probably referring to a possible Quest Store release.


The three-person Team Beef ported classic first-person shooters from the studio, such as the Doom and Quake trilogy, to standalone headsets. The VR adaptations have been downloaded millions of times, according to Team Beef. On Quest 3, they also benefit from a higher resolution and frame rate.

One obstacle to a wider adoption of the VR ports is that installation isn't easy. The VR ports are available in the App Lab, and you need a computer to install the sideloading app Sidequest and the Steam game files on the headset.



Official VR ports would be beneficial for both parties and hardcore VR players. The question is how likely it is to actually happen.

There has been a feud between former id Software owner Zenimax and Meta for years. Since id Software has been owned by Microsoft since 2021 and Microsoft is now cooperating with Meta, official VR ports are conceivable. Microsoft recently released Xbox Cloud Gaming and Office applications as web apps for Meta Quest.

From a purely economic point of view, however, the effort to port and publish these games may not make much sense for Microsoft. The number of people who can stomach the high-speed artificial locomotion of said games could be a limiting factor of success.

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