Trrippy VR action game "Thrasher" has a launch date on Quest & Vision Pro

Trrippy VR action game

Thrasher is the spiritual successor to the cult hit Thumper and is coming to Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro next month.


Thrasher was announced in late 2023. The studio describes the VR game as a "mind-melting arcade action odyssey and visceral audiovisual experience".

Use gestures to control a space eel as it swoops, dashes, and thrashes through the void, overcoming obstacles and stacking combos. Set at the dawn of time, the VR game lets you experience the eel's evolution from a tiny worm to a mega-beast. The game culminates in a battle against a cosmic baby god.

Puddle has now announced the release date and target platforms.


Thrasher will be released on July 25 for Meta Quest 3, 2 and Pro as well as Apple Vision Pro. The SteamVR and a flatscreen version will follow at a later date.

You can pre-order the VR game now on the Quest Store and App Store. The price is $20.


Thrasher is the creation of composer and artist Brian Gibson, who, along with Marc Flury, was responsible for the cult hit Thumper. For Thrasher, Gibson has teamed up with a new partner, programmer and designer Mike Mandel (Fuser, Rock Band VR, Fantasia: Music Evolved).

"We're psyched to finally have a date for Thrasher," said Mike Mandel from Puddle. "It's a really special journey through unbelievable places that anyone can enjoy, but with depth that should keep players competing for a long time!"