This new App enhances the Netflix-experience on Apple Vision Pro

This new App enhances the Netflix-experience on Apple Vision Pro

The app "Supercut" enhances Netflix and Amazon Prime Video streaming on Apple Vision Pro with immersive features and intuitive controls.


A new visionOS app called Supercut aims to improve the video streaming experience on Apples Vision Pro for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video users. Supercut provides a glossy background for browsing the platform, and ensures that streaming content is displayed in the correct aspect ratio. It eliminates black bars on the window and dims the environment to enhance the viewing experience.

In addition to the visual enhancements, Supercut offers intuitive playback controls. Users can adjust stream settings, such as adding subtitles, pause and replay content, and skip forward or backward 10 seconds. Developer Christian Privitelli claims that Supercut supports 4K titles, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Looking to the future, the developer teased an upcoming 'cinema environment' feature for Supercut, which aims to give users a cinema-like VR experience. This feature will include a blacked-out experience and a more immersive feel, with Privitelli stating that it will be "95 per cent close" to what Apple offers for Apple TV streaming. Supercut is available on the visionOS App Store for $7.99.


Apple Vision Pro faces streaming app challenges

While Apple promised an immersive experience across all apps on the Vision Pro, some major streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Spotify, and initially YouTube, chose not to create dedicated apps for the headset. Users who want to access these platforms on the Vision Pro will need to resort to using the web browser instead.

However, several other major streaming platforms, including Disney+, Max, Prime Video, and others, have committed to creating dedicated apps for Apple's visionOS on the Vision Pro headset. YouTube has also recently confirmed that a dedicated app for the Vision Pro is now in development.

In an interview, Netflix Co-CEO Greg Peters explained that the company weighs the necessary effort against the potential benefit for subscribers when deciding whether to develop apps for new platforms. Currently, the user base of the Vision Pro is too small to justify the investment. However, Peters did not rule out the possibility of Netflix's decision changing in the future as the Vision Pro evolves.

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