This AI-powered app creates complex 3D objects on a smartphone

This AI-powered app creates complex 3D objects on a smartphone

An AI-powered smartphone app aims to make augmented reality development more accessible and cost-effective.

The startup AR-Generation sells a 3D scanner app that allows developers to capture any object with their smartphone camera and create a detailed 3D model for use in almost any augmented reality application.

MagiScan: 3D made easy

The "MagiScan" app is said to use artificial intelligence to create 3D models of objects up to ten times faster than human designers. According to CEO Kiryl Sidarchuk, this should enable cost savings by a factor of one hundred.

"It can help everyone from individuals to large corporations save time and money in digitalization", Sidarchuk said. Augmented reality development becomes much more accessible, he said, and designers have more time for fine-tuning and other important processes.

MagiScan: Nvidia Omniverse Support

MagiScan is available for iOS and Android and can be tested for free. The app also allows direct export of 3D models to Omniverse, Nvidia's development platform for 3D tools and Metaverse applications.


Omniverse is Nvidia's own metaverse approach for use in industry. It is designed to enable employees to collaborate digitally across different programs or formats to work on 3D objects, for example. AI avatars and driving assistants for autonomous driving have also already been developed via Nvidia's Omniverse.

"We customized our app to allow export of 3D models based on real-world objects directly to Omniverse, enabling users to showcase the models in AR and integrate them into any metaverse or game," says Kiryl Sidarchuk.

Sources: AR Generation, Nvidia