Five-year-old Valve Index still more popular than Quest 3 on SteamVR

Five-year-old Valve Index still more popular than Quest 3 on SteamVR

Valve Index continues to defend its position in the SteamVR stats against Quest 3.


At the beginning of the year, it looked like Quest 3 would easily move into second place, but Valve Index is defending its position.

In February, Quest 3's percentage barely increased, and the same was true in March. The headset's growth potential seems to have been exhausted for now. Valve Index, which has a loyal following, remains the second most used PC VR headset, even though it will be five years old in June. Valve has yet to announce a successor to the Index.

SteamVR statistics of the most used PC VR headsets.

SteamVR statistics of the most used PC VR headsets. | Image: Valve

Quest 2 lost grounds in March, dropping more than one percentage point. Its users are apparently more willing to swap their older headset for Quest 3. All in all, Meta still dominates two thirds of the PC VR market.

Otherwise, not much has changed in the SteamVR statistics:

  • Pico 4 is stagnating at 2 percent.
  • The Bigscreen Beyond and the Varjo Aero, which was discontinued at the beginning of the year, remain devices with a comparatively small user base (less than 1 percent).
  • The percentage of SteamVR users in the total Steam user base remains below 2 percent.

It would be interesting to know which headsets make up the 0.26 percent in the "Other" category.



What are Valve's SteamVR statistics?

SteamVR is the most popular PC VR platform. Quest can be used on a PC with a cable or wireless PC VR streaming via Air Link, Virtual Desktop, and Steam Link.

Valve's monthly updated Steam hardware & software survey tracks all VR headsets that have been used with a PC and Steam in the past month and whose users participated in the survey. From this, conclusions can be drawn about the relative distribution of PC VR headsets among each other.

However, the survey does not track other non-SteamVR powered platforms, such as Playstation VR 2, or standalone devices that are not used on a PC, so it only reflects a small proportion of the overall VR market.

Sources: Steam-Hard- & Softwareumfrage (Daten ändern sich jeden Monat)