Steam Next Fest 2022: Try these VR games for free

Steam Next Fest 2022: Try these VR games for free

The Steam Next Fest has kicked off and once again offers many free demos of upcoming VR games.


The online event takes place from February 21 to 28. During this time, you can test 19 VR games for free. I have compiled some particularly promising and interesting titles for you below. You can find the complete list on the official website of Next Fest under "All VR" or "Browse Demos".

Adventure Fitness VR

A VR triathlon simulation in which you run through a physically demanding training course.

Demeo: PC Edition

Not a VR game, but perhaps still fascinating for some VR fans: The PC port of the successful VR co-op role-playing game Demeo. Does not (yet) support crossplay between the PC and VR versions.


Desolatium is a point'n'click adventure game in the Lovecraft universe and comic book style. You visit mysterious places, encounter gruesome creatures and solve puzzles.


Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR is the VR port of the open-world survival game of the same name, set in the Amazon rainforest. Beware of wild animals!


In this graphically impressive sci-fi game, you have landed on an alien planet and are searching for a missing agent. Running, swimming and climbing, you'll explore an exotic landscape, explore alien ruins and fight alien life forms and robots.

Best Forklift Operator

For anyone who wants to learn how to drive a forklift without risk of accident or injury. With realistic driving and object physics.



Kartoffl is Lemmings in VR, only in 3D and with cute, beautifully animated potato creatures.


Paranormal Hunter

This VR game is, of course, inspired by Phasmophobia. With up to three fellow players, you'll explore an abandoned haunted house and exorcise ghosts. Jan was already able to try out Paranormal Hunter.


In Virtuoso you create and record music with instruments that exist only in VR.

We Are One

In the fight against hostile machines, you are on your own. But that doesn't matter, because you can duplicate yourself as often as you like - an unusual, little-tried and fresh game principle.

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventure

On the run from an evil empire, you'll have to keep your spaceship in good shape and fight space battles at the same time.


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