Spatialify unlocks spatial video capture in 4K and HDR

Spatialify unlocks spatial video capture in 4K and HDR

Spatial videos can now be recorded in 4K resolution and HDR. The iOS app Spatialify makes it possible.


Spatial video is Apple's name for stereoscopic video captured with Vision Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro (Max) and saved in a proprietary format. You can only see the 3D effect when you watch the videos on a headset like the Vision Pro or Meta Quest. The latter headset supports spatial video playback since February.

Spatial videos are recorded with Apple's camera app in 16:9 format, 1080p, 30fps and SDR.

The Spatialify iOS app now lets you capture spatial video at 4K resolution, 60 frames per second (in 1080p only) and HDR. Uncropped 4:3 format is now also available. All possible combinations are listed below:

  • 16:9 / 1080p / 30 /SDR (standard)
  • 16:9 / 1080p / 30 / HDR
  • 16:9 / 1080p / 60 SDR
  • 16:9 / 1080p / 60 HDR
  • 16:9 / 4K / 30 SDR
  • 16:9 / 4K / 30 HDR
  • 4:3 / 1080p / 30 SDR
  • 4:3 / 1080p / 30 HDR
  • 4:3 / 1080p / 60 SDR
  • 4:3 / 1080p / 60 HDR

These new capture options were introduced with the 1.3.0 update. With Spatialify you can also take spatial photos in 4K resolution. This is also not supported by Apple's Camera application.

Spatialify became known for its ability to convert spatial videos into a Quest-compatible video format. Manually converting spatial videos with Spatialify is still the recommended way to view spatial videos and photos on Meta Quest, at least for enthusiasts.

You can purchase Spatialify for $3 in the App Store. Please note that you will need an iPhone 15 Pro (Max) to capture spatial videos and spatial photos.



How good are the new capture options? Testing must show

I have an iPhone 15 Pro and have had a lot of experience with Spatial Videos and Photos over the past few months.

I now shoot almost exclusively spatial photos (4K) because I find the visual quality of spatial videos (1080p, 30 frames per second) to be too poor. With Spatialify, a much higher video quality is now theoretically possible.

I will test this in the coming days and upload examples to show the difference in a hands-on article.

There are reasons why Apple's Camera app does not support spatial photos and higher-resolution spatial videos, and these reasons could be quality issues.