Sony's new XR headset features 4K displays, a ring, and a stylus

Sony's new XR headset features 4K displays, a ring, and a stylus

Sony, together with Siemens, just announced a new high-resolution XR headset for 3D content creation that uses a ring and a stylus as controllers.


Sony's XR headset features OLED displays with 4K resolution and a wide color gamut that covers up to 96% of DCI-P3 which is used in digital video and cinema. Unique ring and stylus controls are designed for precision control when creating and manipulating 3D objects.

The headset is powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 processor and six cameras and sensors for enhanced mixed reality and VR experiences. For more challenging workloads, you can seamlessly switch between the headset and a computer with the flip-up visor design.

The headset uses a halo design with an open periphery and looks a bit like Microsoft HoloLens 2, but the visor isn't transparent.

Sony's XR headset comes with ring and stylus controllers.

Sony's XR headset comes with ring and stylus controllers. | Bild: Sony

In addition to the ring and stylus, Sony Mocopi body trackers can be used to capture motion for use with the Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform.

Sony says its advanced XR headset will be available later in 2024.


Video: Siemens / Sony


PSVR 2 Makers to Launch XR Headset for Productive Use

Sony is best known in the VR world for the Playstation VR 2 and original PSVR, which work with Sony's Playstation gaming console. This new XR headset is aimed at spatial content creators, 3D design studios, and 3D artists that regularly work on digital content for videos and movies.

Beyond design, content creators need to collaborate and validate their work. This Sony XR headset was made with this workflow in mind and could be a unique and powerful way to move spatial content through that cycle quickly and efficiently.


VR/AR Headsets become more productive

The announcement of Sony's XR headset for 3D content creation mirrors Immersed's Visor which specializes in multi-window productivity and collaboration. 2024 could be the beginning of a new paradigm for work-centric VR headsets that are designed for a specific purpose.

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