Sony announces new Playstation VR 2 games

Sony announces new Playstation VR 2 games

Sony has unveiled the price and date for Playstation VR 2, as well as some exciting games for the new VR headset.


More than 20 VR games are supposed to be available at the launch of the Playstation VR 2. While announcing the price and date of the new VR headset, Sony also revealed some new PSVR2 games. They will all be released after the launch of the VR headset, exact dates have not been set yet. Some of the freshly announced titles should provide excitement with their horror or mystery focus.

New PSVR 2 games

The Dark Pictures: Switchback

The Dark Pictures: Switchback could turn out to be a real fan favorite. Back at the launch of Sony's first VR headset, Supermassive Games contributed Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - an amazingly creepy horror game. Since then, early PSVR fans have been raving about the unrivaled nasty scares that featured undead, killer clowns, and hung pig halves terrorizing passengers.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback takes the same approach and confronts players with all kinds of eerily beautiful disfigured creatures already in the trailer. Of course, they should look even more beautiful on the Playstation VR 2. As the name suggests, characters and scenarios from the "The Dark Pictures" games make an appearance here.

Along the way, gamers must survive the terrifying Ghost Ship, face demonic incarnations of persecuted "witches" from 17th-century New England, and battle supernatural desert vampires. Last but not least, they escape a sadistic serial killer on wheels from the World's Fair Hotel.


The haptic feedback makes curves and shocks palpable, and the adaptive triggers lock in a different position for each weapon - matching the barrel. If the evasive maneuver before the collapsing beam doesn't succeed, the rumble effect of the headset provides blows to the head.

The use of eye tracking sounds even scarier: some enemies only move when you blink! The spatial audio capabilities of the PSVR 2 should also make the ride more terrifying over various turnoffs.

The Light Brigade

Funktronic Labs' roguelike shooter The Light Brigade also has the potential for plenty of sinister atmosphere on the PSVR 2. The same team's inspiring VR game Fujii was already a feast for the senses.

The Light Brigade also looks mysterious, but can be better classified with its roguelike action. In a world full of debris, you become the last line of defense against the darkness. As part of the Light Brigade, you'll travel to the generated battlefields of the sunken world again and again.


Strategically make your way through icy graveyards in the densely forested mountain world, enemies feel your bullets and light magic. As you climb the ranks, you unlock new spells and weapons. According to Sony, the latter benefit from physics-based shooting mechanics. Rescued comrades-in-arms help with the expansion of the temple headquarters and unlock new stores and classes.

The Light Brigade will be a cross-buy title for PlayStation VR 2 and PlayStation VR and will go on pre-sale on November 15.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad.

The South Korean shooter series Crossfire is predominantly popular in Asia. With Crossfire: Sierra Squad, manufacturer Smilegate brings a spin-off for PSVR 2, which will be released in 2023. Familiar characters, maps, and movements from the series also appear in the new VR game.

As the leader of an elite strike team, take part in a war over a secret biochemical weapon. Over 60 campaign missions revolve around action-packed paramilitary battles between rival factions Black List and Global Risk.


The 17 enemy types with advanced AI can be blasted out of the way with even more immersion thanks to the haptics features of the new Sense controllers. Heavy guns, helicopters, and persistent boss fights are also included.

Among the 39 weapon types, including grenades, could be modern specimens controlled by eye-tracking. The announcement doesn't mention the feature explicitly, but it talks about "sniper rifles with revolutionary sighting mechanics".

In co-op rounds with up to four players, hand signals from the motion controllers supposedly play an important role in silent communication. Also planned:

  • an arcade mode
  • a realism mode
  • a hardcore horde mode.

Competitive multiplayer matches like in Firewall Ultra are not planned. Ambitious natures can compete in worldwide leaderboards, though.


Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue is already the second VR adventure of the devilish sneaking game. The familiar goal is to outsmart the neighbor, Mr. Peterson, and escape his clutches.

Series creator tinyBuild Games is collaborating with Steel Wool Studios (Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted) for the new VR game, which already delivered the early VR strategy game Quar: Battle for Gate 18 in 2016.


Return to the neighbor's house again and again to take on the roles of six young heroes from the neighborhood. Together, they face their fears to free a friend held captive in a bizarre basement prison. Learn each of their skills to solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and escape the neighbor's house in one piece. Pre-orders for the game launch on November 15.

PSVR 2 versions of popular VR games

Here are a number of other PSVR2 games newly announced by Sony, which are conversions of already well-known titles.


Cities VR - Enhanced Edition

The build-up game Cities VR (go to the review for Quest 2) already had great potential on the Meta Quest 2, but suffered greatly from technical shortcomings.

In the Enhanced Edition on the powerful Playstation VR 2, Fast Travel Games has a chance to do better. Pre-orders for the game start on November 15.

Cosmonious High

Five years after Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs introduced Cosmonious High, which once again revolves around silly experiments with the physics engine.

In it, you visit the eponymous high school for aliens and search for the cause of all sorts of amusing glitches. Pre-orders for the game launch on November 15.


Jurassic World Aftermath

In the stealth game Jurassic World Aftermath, you take on the role of a hacker named Sam, who is on his way to the infamous dinosaur island Isla Nublar.

Your mission: recover valuable research from the ruins of the park and avoid getting eaten if possible.

Pistol Whip

The rhythm action in Pistol Whip offers a wild mix of Beat Saber, Superhot, and Rez that will have game players sweating quickly.

Since its release in 2019, VR veteran Cloudhead Games has been regularly supplying the game with new musical-psychedelic scenarios. The PlayStation VR2 version will be available as a free upgrade for owners of the original PSVR version.


Zenith: The Last City

The VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City promised many hours of gameplay and long-term motivation in a fantasy setting. Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy and Sword Art Online serve as models.

Exploring the open world confronts players with floating islands, futuristic cities, and archaic monsters. However, after the successful launch in early 2022, the number of users dropped sharply. Pre-orders for the game start on November 15.

After The Fall

Snow zombies in front of you, up to three friends next to you, and plenty of bullets and flesh flying in between. The co-op battlefest After The Fall from Vertigo Games, inspired by Left 4 Dead, connects players across platforms.

PSVR 2 users thus meet fellow SteamVR, Meta Quest 2, and PlayStation VR players as they cooperatively launch into the crisply difficult missions.


In Tentacular from developer Firepunchd and indie publisher Devolver Digital, you rage as a clumsy tentacle monster over an idyllic island community.

Especially friends of chaotic, lovingly staged physics puzzles will get their money's worth here, also thanks to the quaint English dubbing. Pre-orders for the game start on November 15.