Swordsman studio raises $2.5M for new a PVP VR combat game

Swordsman studio raises $2.5M for new a PVP VR combat game

Sinn Studio has raised $2.5M in funding. The money will be used to develop a new PVP combat game.


The studio behind the VR game Swordsman announced a $2.5M Fundraise.

The lead investor is Hartmann Capital, the same investment firm that invested in the newly formed Flat2VR Studios. Other investors include Boost VC, Republic, Alumni Ventures, Mana Ventures, MetaVision and a number of angel investors such as Chris Ye of Uken Games.

Sinn Studio plans to use the new resources to develop the "First Real-Time PvP VR Combat Game". We'll have to wait to see what that means. The title will be based on the company's proprietary "Combat Engine" and use a neural network "specially designed to discern and learn from the intricate subtleties of human motion during combat."



Sinn Studio is a Canadian VR studio that has grown to 30 full-time employees.

Swordsman has been released for a number of VR platforms. The game was released in the App Lab in 2022 and graduated to the Quest Store the following year, where it has received more than 1,300 ratings so far.