Shoot hoops on your favorite NBA court in Gym Class VR

Shoot hoops on your favorite NBA court in Gym Class VR

Gym Class VR, the most popular basketball game in the Quest Store, will get NBA courts later this year.

Gym Class VR is already one of the most realistic basketball simulators, but it's ready to go pro with an option for NBA courts this winter. All 30 NBA team courts will be available, along with two sets of jerseys and a team-branded basketball.

The cost of the expansion pack is $20, which is reasonable for NBA-licensed material. For fans, it's a small price to pay to be able to show your colors on the court. More NBA balls and accessories will be available separately to customize your look further.

Play basketball with friends worldwide in Gym Class VR.

Play basketball with friends worldwide in Gym Class VR. | Image: Gym Class

If you haven't tried Gym Class VR before, it's a fun and free way to catch up with friends in VR or meet new people in a casual game of basketball. Play by the rules or make up your own game, just as you can on a neighborhood court.

Even if you don't play basketball, it's a better and more engaging place to hang out than Horizon Worlds since you always have something to do, and there's an endless supply of basketballs with just a tap of the B button.

Gym Class VR Pro allows private courts

Of course, you can play with more intensity when you're ready to step up your game. While Gym Class isn't designed to be a VR workout app like Supernatural or FitXR, it's possible to get your sweat flowing if you're active enough. With a subscription, you get additional options for your avatar and the ability to create private courts with more virtual environments to choose from.


The community seems friendly, but if you want to practice before joining others, you can play solo against an AI character to refine your skills. If you've ever tossed a basketball around, it's simple to make the transition to Gym Class.

Good physics, easy to get started

Within a few minutes, you'll be sinking shots, grabbing, and passing the ball easily. The physics are good enough that it feels quite similar to playing real basketball. After a bit of practice, the running and jumping mechanics fall into place, and soon, you'll be nailing jump shots and dunking like a pro.

When you look down, you'll see hands, but you need to use controllers since the joystick allows for movement while you're standing in place. If you have enough room and draw a larger guardian, you can run around, and the game will work with physical movement. Few people have access to a gymnasium-sized space, however, to run the full court.

You can get Gym Class VR for free on the Meta Quest Store, and it's not just a trial subscription – you can keep playing for free. It's compatible with the original Quest, but the Gym Class Pro with private courts version requires a Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

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