ShapesXR receives millions and a port for the Apple Vision Pro

ShapesXR receives millions and a port for the Apple Vision Pro

ShapesXR is known for collaborative 3D design and prototyping. A $8.6m seed round enables ports for headsets like the Apple Vision Pro.

With ShapesXR, designers can collaborate on spatial design to test concepts for VR games, XR apps or training applications. Since October 2022, the Quest 2 app also takes full advantage of new Quest Pro hardware features, including color pass-through, eye tracking and face tracking.

Seed funding of $8.6 million will help the company make the leap to additional platforms. The round was led by Supernode Global. Other investors include Triptyq VC, Boost VC, Hartmann Capital and Geek Ventures. After 350,000 downloads in the Quest Store, the app will also be available for the Apple Vision Pro, as well as platforms from Pico and Magic Leap. Release dates have not yet been announced.

Collaborative design on the Apple Vision Pro

The app is expected to be particularly useful with Apple's new Mixed Reality headset. Developers will be able to test interactions using gaze and pinch input. Apple's new headset uses these gestures by default.

ShapesXR is available free of charge for Meta Quest 1, 2, and Pro from the Meta Quest Store. Small teams and companies can request advanced features and services for a fee on the official website. There, the startup also provides insight into application scenarios.


"For example, Logitech and ByteDance use the platform for ideation and collaboration", the studio reports, "while others like Qualcomm Technologies produce immersive journeys like the XR music experience in collaboration with Trigger XR and Duran Duran."

ShapesXR’s goal is to become the de facto industry standard for UI/UX design - achieving for spatial computing what the collaborative design tool Figma did for the "mobile computing era".

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Sources: Shapes Corp.