3D Design in Mixed Reality: ShapesXR gets Quest Pro upgrade

3D Design in Mixed Reality: ShapesXR gets Quest Pro upgrade

ShapesXR gets an update for Quest Pro that makes full use of new hardware features like color passthrough and eye and face tracking.

ShapesXR is an XR app for spatial 3D design and prototyping. The startup behind the app describes its mission as democratizing "3D content creation allowing product owners, business leaders, and designers to finally start thinking and creating spatially together."

Users can choose from pre-built scenes or create their own by editing simple basic shapes. The result can be exported and shared via VR, web, and a Unity plugin.

ShapesXR is collaborative, allowing teams to work together virtually despite physical distance. Meta-avatars are used for this purpose.

At MIXED, we have already reported on some of the mixed reality concepts created with ShapesXR (see Futuristic teeth brushing and mixed reality apartment)

With Meta Quest Pro: Sharp vision

At Meta Connect 2022, the team showed off the implementation of new hardware features for Meta Quest Pro.

ShapesXR already supports Meta Quest 2's pass-through mode, and Meta Quest Pro's higher-resolution, full-color video view makes working in and with mixed reality more enjoyable and easier.


Bildvergleich einer Kochszene samt UI-Anweisungen: Links Passthrough mit Quest 2, rechts (schärfer und in Farbe) mit Quest Pro.

Image comparison of Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro's passthrough modes. | Image: Tvori

"The ability to swiftly open portals from above ceilings and below floors to peer beyond the physical bounds of a room is satisfying and strengthens your sense of presence within the spaces you create," said Matt Davis, XR Designer, Microsoft

Better presence with ShapesXR

Thanks to Meta Quest Pro's eye and face tracking, avatars in collaborative scenarios appear more realistic, which should help participants feel more connected.

"We all meet in ShapesXR to ideate in a virtual space in 3D, explore prototypes of upcoming features, and run user tests with our community. These meetings have become so efficient and engaging with Meta Quest Pro enhanced social presence," said Inga Petryaevskaya, CEO of ShapesXR.

Last but not least, ShapesXR is integrating the stylus functionality of the new Quest Pro controllers into the software, so sketching, note-taking, and annotating on physical surfaces should be easier in the future.

ShapesXR is available for free on the Oculus Store for Meta Quest 1 & 2 and Meta Quest Pro. Smaller teams and companies can request advanced features and services for a fee on the official website. There, the start-up also provides insight into application scenarios.