Sega classic gets VR remake on Playstation VR 2

Sega classic gets VR remake on Playstation VR 2

A cult Dreamcast game is being reimagined for virtual reality. A talented team is responsible for C-Smash VRS.

The new VR game is based on the 2000 arcade title Cosmic Smash, which was later released for Sega's Dreamcast console, but only in Japan.

The futuristic sports game combined space squash with gameplay familiar from Breakout. With its minimalist graphics and electronic soundtrack, Cosmic Squash quickly became a cult classic.

The VR version is called C-Smash VRS, where VRS stands for VR and Versus.

Developed with Sega's blessing

"If ever I wanted to travel to a virtual world, it would be this one: a place where I can relax while moving, in inviting spaces that are uncluttered and effortlessly stylish, devoid of the stresses, the noises and the garishness of our daily grind," writes Jörg Tittel on the Playstation Blog.

Tittel is head of the VR studio RapidEyeMovers, which is developing C-Smash VRS for Playstation VR 2. He came up with the idea to reinvent the Sega classic while on lockdown. Tittel assembled a team of talented people to make it happen, including VR pioneers Wolf & Wood (A Chair in a Room, The Exorcist: Legion VR), designer Cory Schmitz (Rez Infinite), and musician Ken Ishii.


Try C-Smash VRS before you buy

The team pitched their idea to Sega and got the green light to develop C-Smash VR. The remake will feature three game modes: Solo, Co-op and Versus. Unfortunately, the first trailer doesn't show much gameplay.

The studio will release a demo for Playstation VR 2 on March 23rd. The team plans to announce the release date soon.

With its minimalist cyber-squash look, C-Smash VR is reminiscent of the VR sports game Sparc, which was released in 2017 and discontinued in 2022. Others in the genre include Racket NX and Racket Club, Resolution Games' upcoming VR game.

The video below shows clips from the original game to get you in the mood. Back then, we had to watch video games on a 2D screen. Now we can enter them with our own bodies. This will be an interesting experience, especially for people familiar with the original.

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