Sci-fi shooter BlockStar VR puts your reflexes to the test

Sci-fi shooter BlockStar VR puts your reflexes to the test

BlockStar VR, a futuristic VR shooter with crazy weapons and 40 missions, is now available on SteamVR.


BlockStar VR, a futuristic VR shooter where you fight for a place on leaderboards, launches today on Steam. The VR game challenges your reflexes as you shoot blocks and complete skill challenges in action-packed arenas.

BlockStar VR features a story mode with 40 missions where you become a rising star aboard the BlockStar space station. Use unique weapons and ingenious power-ups to battle changing patterns and indestructible obstacles.

A diverse arsenal is unlocked throughout the game, ranging from shotguns and energy weapons to shields, bazookas, grenades, and even tennis balls. The goal is to find the right balance between shooting too much and not enough to avoid getting caught by the dice.

Take a look at the release trailer to see the variety of weapons available.



VR shooter with unique mechanics

BlockStar VR was presented at last year's Gamescom and EGX London. The game tries to stand out from the crowd with unusual game mechanics and settings and, unlike VR tactical shooters like Pavlov or Ghosts of Tabor, does not rely on realism. Instead, the developers have ventured into a futuristic world with creative weapons and challenges.

This makes it more reminiscent of the successful VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip. In Pistol Whip, you glide through different levels and take out enemies to the beat of the music. BlockStar VR, however, takes this concept in a slightly different direction and sends different blocks flying at you. It focuses more on weapon variety and challenge.

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