Ghosts of Tabor's new major update takes you underground

Ghosts of Tabor's new major update takes you underground

The 'Collector's Awakening' content update for Ghosts of Tabor introduces new maps, weapons, and a terrifying boss.


The content update unlocks new areas for the Matka Miest map, taking players into the city's underground. Combat Waffle Studio highlights the following new features:

  • New Matka Miest Underground Map - Explore sewers, subways, and subterranean environments as you go below Matke Miest; try to survive tight tunnels and be ready for an ambush around every corner
  • Expanded Matka Miest Overground Map - Explore inside the cathedral for the first time as an all new area opens up for play, and shine some light on the proceedings with the additions of a day / night cycle to the previous perma-midnight city
  • New Boss - Matka Miest Museum unveils its latest threat: a clinically insane boss armed to the teeth with top-tier equipment, driven by a chilling hobby of collecting victims' bodies. Prepare for a high-stakes showdown against The Collector as you strive to claim their exclusive loot deep within the museum's depths.
  • New Gun - The XM250 Light Machine Gun enters the collection, which has a collapsible bipod, a built in canted ironsight, and a box magazine chambered in 6.8x51mm, better known as .277 Fury Ammo.

  • New Grenades - Disorient you opponents with sight and sound by tossing the all new flashbang in their direction

  • Improved Silencer Authenticity - Ghosts of Tabor thrives on its realism, so its silencers should feel realistic too – starting today when you attach one you'll need to twist and click it on, on just like the real thing

  • Streamer Camera (only available on PCVR) - Introducing an upgrade for streamers. Immerse your viewers in a more captivating streaming experience with enhanced in-game camera views. Options include stabilized field of view (FOV), helmet cam, barrel cam, and reticle cam, with the added flexibility to dynamically switch perspectives when aiming down sights (ADS).


In addition to the highlights above, the update includes improvements to the save system, performance improvements related to player equipment, and a redesigned main menu.

You can purchase Ghosts of Tabor for $25 in the Meta Quest Store and on Steam.


Ghosts of Tabor: A phenomenal success story

Ghosts of Tabor is an extraction and survival shooter inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, DayZ and Arma. Developed in part by veterans of the US military, the game is known for its realistic arsenal of weapons. You explore large maps alone or in squads of up to three players, hunting for loot and fighting human and AI-controlled enemies. Captured equipment, weapons, ammunition, medicine, food, and water can be transported to your personal bunker - provided you make it to the extraction point alive. The game also features a crafting system, trading, and missions that unlock special items.

The title has had an incredible year. It was released on App Lab and Steam in March 2023 and has since registered more than half a million players. In January, the title made it to the Quest Store, where it has nearly 10,000 ratings.