Roblox VR now available in open beta on Quest 2

Roblox VR now available in open beta on Quest 2

July 28, 2023:

The Roblox Open Beta for Quest 2 and Pro has started on July 27th. Participants must be at least 13 years old and have the Quest v55 system software installed. After downloading the app from the App Lab store, users will need to log in with their existing Roblox account on their PC or smartphone.

There is currently no way to create an account on the VR headset or log in directly with your credentials. The in-game currency "Robux" cannot be purchased in the beta, but this is expected to change soon. For the time being, only the Robux already on hand can be spent.

Recommendations and reviews are also not active at this time. This allows users to experiment without worrying about their overall experience rating. The link at the end of the article takes you to the full FAQ.

Original article from July 12, 2023:

Roblox recently announced its virtual worlds and games will be coming to the Meta Quest soon.

Roblox VR is coming to the App Lab soon, potentially bringing millions of new games to Quest 2 and Quest Pro owners. It will also give its huge audience of 66 million another reason to check out the Meta Quest 2 and the upcoming Meta Quest 3.

Roblox on Meta Quest

Roblox said the Quest version will launch as an open beta on App Lab in the coming weeks and will be gathering feedback. Developers often use App Lab to beta test apps that are incomplete, or that might need further refinement.

Roblox wants to give its game creators a chance to experiment and develop VR-friendly experiences before launching in the Meta Quest app store.

We don't know how polished the open beta will be, but Roblox already has experience with VR. You can run Roblox in virtual reality by connecting a VR headset to your Windows PC, but easing the requirement for a VR-ready PC could make a big difference.

Roblox settings for Quest and VR headsets.

Roblox settings for Quest and VR headsets. | Image: Roblox

Roblox Studio creators that want to be ready to support Quest 2 players need to select the new VR device type in the game settings panel. The option should become visible in the next few days.

Roblox is one of the largest multiplayer online game creation apps with millions of immersive 3D games available. We'll keep you posted when we know a launch date.

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