Resident Evil 8 VR: Mod comes with VR hands, first videos

Resident Evil 8 VR: Mod comes with VR hands, first videos

Videos show the VR mod for Resident Evil Village in action for the first time. The developer has already made a name for itself with high-quality VR mods for earlier Resident Evil parts.

Capcom's latest horror spectacle Resident Evil Village does not officially offer Virtual Reality support, although its predecessor Resident Evil 7 is a popular VR game. This might change when Sony launches Playstation VR 2 - there are at least rumors to that effect.

Until then, the successful VR modder "Praydog" will offer an alternative on the PC: After Resident Evil 7, he also makes the latest part of the horror series VR-compatible.

As with previous mods, Praydog emphasizes high-quality VR support: He promises room-filling virtual reality, motion control and a full-body simulation.

Freedom for virtual hands in Resident Evil Village VR

You can grip objects and weapons directly with your virtual hands and aim weapons manually. In the scenes shown, the protagonist Ethan Winters shoots at bars blocking the way and turns the weapon freely from the wrist. Another video shows a first combat.

Reddit | Video: Reddit user:inside "praydog"/"scoobystockbroker"

Reddit | Video: Reddit user:inside "praydog"/"scoobystockbroker"

The fact that the movements of the virtual hands seem a bit stiff is due to the player: He has leaned his arms on the armrests. Sometimes the hands still stick to objects, for example when a lever is flipped script-controlled.


Minor graphics errors are visible in the free body and hand movements. Overall, the unofficial VR adaptation of Capcom's horror game seems to work well.

Modder does what Capcom does not

Modder Praydog already inspired the community with successful VR mods for Resident Evil 2 and 3, which PC fans of the remakes have been able to play with motion control since the beginning of the year.

Part 7 already had an official PSVR mode on the PlayStation 4, but with controller control instead of freely moving hands. Still, Resident Evil 7 is one of the creepiest VR experiences around. The graphically lavish backdrop has also held up superbly.

Unfortunately, Capcom did not bring VR support to the PC version of Resident Evil 7 until today, so Praydog had to help out with an unofficial Resident Evil 7 VR mod here as well.

The VR mod for Resident Evil Village is supposed to work with different VR headsets on the PC. We don't know the release date yet.