Resident Evil 4 VR: Update improves realism and immersion

Resident Evil 4 VR: Update improves realism and immersion

Resident Evil 4 is one of the best VR games of last year. A first update improves playability, with more to follow.

The VR port of the horror classic was released in the fall, garnered much praise from critics, and was named best VR game of the year at the 2021 Game Awards. In my Resident Evil 4 review, I wrote:

"I think it's nice to be able to experience old games in a new way thanks to VR. Especially when they are so lovingly prepared for the new medium and allow new perspectives. Resident Evil 4 doesn't offer any groundbreaking VR innovations, but is all-around successful and enhances the magic of the original."

Nearly 7,000 positive reviews on the Oculus Store suggest that Resident Evil 4 has also been well received by gamers, becoming one of the 15 most successful premium apps for Meta Quest 2 after just a few months.

According to Meta, the VR port is the fastest-selling VR game in the history of Meta Quest 1 & 2, based on sales in the first week after launch.

Resident Evil 4: More immersion, fewer barriers

Clearly, Meta is keen to maintain the game and provide it with new content. Now a first update is released that improves the playability.


Capcom and Armature rework the locomotion and comfort settings, provide more accessibility and improve parts of the game mechanics for more realism and immersion.

  • Players can now optionally move in the direction the controller is pointing, and thus set the walking direction independently of the head movement.
  • Those who play standing up can adjust the virtual body size. This can also provide more immersion.
  • In addition, you can now adjust which analog stick you want to use to move around, which should especially please left-handed gamers.
  • The position of the pockets on the hips and chest can now be adjusted more freely, which takes into account differences in physique, especially between men and women.
  • The color of the laser visor can now be changed, which can help color-blind people.
  • Two other options improve realism: magazines no longer eject automatically when you reach for fresh ammo, and pins from grenades must be pulled manually before being thrown.

Mercenaries mode is coming

The update is just the beginning, according to Meta, and Resident Evil will continue to be maintained throughout 2022.

At a later date, an update will be released that brings the Mercenaries mode known from the original. In this mini-game, players have to fight off wave after wave of enemies while trying to escape in a helicopter.

Mercenaries mode will feature unlockable characters and should add hours of gameplay. This content will be added for free.

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