RayNeo launches its X2 AR glasses with AI funding for developers

RayNeo launches its X2 AR glasses with AI funding for developers

RayNeo X2 AR glasses launch on Indiegogo for U.S. developers and early adopters. RayNeo has a $150,000 fund for AR and AI apps.


RayNeo's X2 glasses are now available to AR and AI developers in the United States. Featuring embedded waveguide displays with up to 1,500 nits of brightness and a central 12MP camera, the RayNeo X2 has 6DoF sensors to anchor virtual objects in space.

The X2 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 processor, the same chip found in Meta's Quest 2, so advanced tracking is possible. RayNeo includes several AR and AI apps with the X2 glasses, including turn-by-turn navigation, on-screen and audio translation, AI chat, and AR apps to facilitate drawing and guided music.

RayNeo is also funding AR and AI development to expand the number of apps for the X2 AR glasses. Developers can compete to earn rewards of up to $10,000 from a total prize pool of $150,000.


RayNeo is a leading AR and smart glasses manufacturer that's backed by well-known display manufacturer TCL. TCL launched NXTWear S smart glasses in 2022 and RayNeo followed with its lighter and brighter Air 2 smart glasses late last year.

The RayNeo X2 AR glasses first launched last year in China in limited quantities. The Indiegogo campaign is the first opportunity to order directly from the U.S.



The RayNeo X2 is somewhat large and heavy for a pair of glasses. That makes these AR glasses most suitable for developers but anyone can order. Early adopters will be among the first to enjoy the advanced AI features.

A smaller and lighter version with similar capabilities will arrive later this year. We'll share more details about the RayNeo X2 Lite as it gets closer to launch.

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