Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses now support Amazon Music and get more styles

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses now support Amazon Music and get more styles

Amazon Music, Instagram sharing and guided meditation: the latest update for Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses has a lot to offer.


Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are getting a new update with enhanced features. Meta has partnered with Calm to bring guided meditation and mindfulness exercises directly to the headset. With the voice command "Hey Meta, play the Daily Calm", users can enjoy a moment of mindfulness. In addition, all glasses owners will receive a free three-month subscription to Calm.

Another new feature is Amazon Music integration. You can now stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks from Amazon Music directly to the headset without having to take out your smartphone. A voice command like "Hey Meta, play Amazon Music" will start a specially curated playlist. You control the audio with voice commands or touch.

You can now share photos directly from an Instagram Story. After taking a photo, you can simply say, "Hey Meta, share my latest photo on Instagram" to share the moment with friends and followers. In addition, new styles of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are now available in 15 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.


They include the following models:

  • Skyler in Shiny Chalky Gray with Gradient Cinnamon Pink Lenses
  • Skyler in Shiny Black with Transitions® Cerulean Blue Lenses
  • Headliner Low Bridge Fit in Shiny Black with Polar G15 Lenses

Ongoing new updates for Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are a wearable that looks like normal glasses but is equipped with additional technical functions. Users can take photos, record movies, listen to music and podcasts, dictate and send messages via WhatsApp and Messenger, and make phone calls. Meta updates the wearable regularly with new features, and recently added Apple Music integration and a new video calling feature.

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