Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses can now play Apple Music

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses can now play Apple Music

With Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, you can now enjoy your favorite songs and playlists with Apple Music and voice control.


Now you can use Apple Music with your Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses and stream your favorite songs, artists, and playlists directly to your glasses. With voice control, you can play music, select specific artists or albums, and listen to playlists. Because the headset also has built-in speakers, you can stream music directly without Bluetooth headphones.

The latest update to the headset and Meta View app lets you integrate your Apple Music account. Once connected, the app can be controlled entirely by voice, so you never have to take your smartphone out of your pocket. Voice commands like “Hey Meta” activate the controls. You can then say what you want to listen to.


High demand for Meta's smart glasses

Originally designed as an accessory for Instagram, the Ray-Ban Stories already had a built-in camera. It allowed users to record one-minute vertical videos from a first-person perspective. The updated version, now called Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, offers improved features such as more app integration, voice control and open speakers.

Demand for the second generation of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses has exceeded expectations, forcing EssilorLuxottica to increase production. In April, Meta Smart Glasses were equipped with multimodal AI that can “see” through the camera and answer questions about the current field of view.


In the U.S., Meta is currently testing advanced AI capabilities such as “look and ask” Meta AI for visual translation, text summarization, captioning, and follow-up questions.

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