Quest 3: You can now clean the DeLorean from Back to the Future in Virtual Reality

Quest 3: You can now clean the DeLorean from Back to the Future in Virtual Reality

PowerWash Simulator VR gets new content with the Back to the Future Special Pack. In the DLC, you can clean the time machine and the Hill Valley Clocktower, among other things.


VR studio Ndreams has announced the “Back to the Future Special Pack” for PowerWash Simulator VR. The DLC will be available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro from the official store on May 23rd.

The Special Pack brings five new jobs to the game, inspired by the iconic locations and props from the Back to the Future trilogy. These are:

  • Doc Brown's van
  • The time machine
  • The Hill Valley Clock Tower
  • The Holomax Theater
  • Doc's time train

In addition to the new levels, there are also ten new achievements to unlock. Whether alone or in co-op mode with friends — with a pressure washer in your virtual hand, you can declare war on dirt.


Back to the Future is not the first DLC

PowerWash Simulator VR is an everyday simulation in which players use pressure washers to remove dirt and grime from various objects and locations. Developed by UK-based VR studio Ndreams, the game is based on FuturLab's successful PowerWash Simulator, which has been enjoyed by over seven million players on PC and console.

In VR, you control the pressure washer with the motion controllers and can precisely direct the water jet over the virtual objects. A detailed menu shows the cleaning progress. Unlockable nozzles and detergents add variety.


Since its release last year, PowerWash Simulator VR has received several free content updates. The Muckingham Files added six new levels and locations to tell a new story.

The Back to the Future DLC is designed to appeal to fans of the movie franchise as well as fans of the VR wash simulation. The ability to virtually polish iconic locations and objects such as the DeLorean, the Clock Tower, and the Time Train should make the hearts of many fans beat faster.

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