Quest 3 looks much better with this Vision Pro mod

Quest 3 looks much better with this Vision Pro mod

One Reddit user liked the industrial design of the Vision Pro and redesigned his Meta Quest 3 to match it.

Over on the Oculus Quest subreddit, Reddit user massa0 is showing off a Quest 3 that resembles Vision Pro, which he is calling the "Meta Quest 3 Pro". If Quest 3 and Vision Pro had a child, it would probably look like this.

He used the Vision Pro's standard Solo Knit Band, which he attached to his Quest 3 using 3D-printed parts, a black skin wrap, and a transparent plastic front shell to give the device the Vision Pro's signature look.

"I have to hand it to Apple, the strap is a great design and is incredibly comfortable; combined with the lightweight Quest 3 headset, this makes me believe this is the perfect strap for casual entertainment. I tried to make my VR as similar as I could to the actual Vision Pros, I dig the style a lot," writes massa0 on Reddit.

A style upgrade with trade-offs

The upgrade was not cheap, with the Solo Knit Band alone costing $100. Another Reddit user wants to know if the purchase is worth it. "I would say no. It's not a game changer. It's great and neat, but it's not worth $100. The strap should cost $40. I got it because I had a goal to make my Quest look like the Vision Pro and to mix each other's strengths," writes massa0.


The lack of a top strap doesn't bother him, especially as Quest 3 is lighter than Vision Pro. Quest 3 weighs 515 grams, whereas the Vision Pro weighs up to 650 grams. Massa0 says the headband is fine for videos, web browsing and short gaming sessions. For hours of use, he would switch to a headband with a top strap.

The plastic shell weighs exactly 2.39 ounces, according to massa0. A difficult trade-off, especially since it only provides aesthetic benefits and could negatively affect the heat dissipation of the device. "I would remove the shell if I'm playing more than an hour tho, just to be safe," says massa0.

The Quest 3 looks sleeker with this mod, but is the improved aesthetics worth the extra cost and weight? Many Vision Pro users may be asking themselves this very question.

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