Quest 3: Turn your home into an underwater world with new Mixed Reality mode for Ocean Rift

Quest 3: Turn your home into an underwater world with new Mixed Reality mode for Ocean Rift

A Quest 3 update turns a VR classic into a mixed reality app, transporting you to an underwater environment filled with sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures.

Ocean Rift is a virtual reality aqua-safari experience that lets you dive into the depths of a virtual ocean. The app is not new, however. Ocean Rift was included as a free demo with the Oculus Rift Development Kit 1 back in 2013, and was later available for the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, and the first Quest headset. After a decade, Ocean Rift is back with a new look — as a mixed reality app.

Mixed Reality Update for VR Classic

With the latest 2.04 update, Ocean Rift now supports mixed reality on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro. On Quest 3, the app accesses the wall positions detected by the automatic room scale setup. In mixed reality mode, the underwater app turns your living room into an aquarium. Use your thumb and index finger to draw rectangles on a physical wall or freely in the room.

These act as windows into the underwater world, allowing you to watch sharks, turtles, dolphins, rays, or whales from your couch.

Video: Ocean Rift

You can change the shape and size of virtual windows after they are created. For example, you can quickly turn a rectangular window into a porthole.


You can also influence the animal world and choose between current or long-extinct sea creatures that you would otherwise only see in Jurassic World. You also have the option to replace the real ceiling with a glass wall that allows you to view the virtual underwater world from below.

Ocean Rift is currently available in the Quest Store for $10 and supports VR, mixed reality, hand tracking or VR controllers.

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