Jurassic World Dinotracker AR lets you find dinosaurs in the real world

Jurassic World Dinotracker AR lets you find dinosaurs in the real world

The smartphone app Dinotracker AR uses the latest AR technology from Niantic. It shows what is currently possible with smartphone AR.

The AR app accompanies the release of Jurassic World Dominion Extended Edition. The feature film hit theaters under the title Jurassic World: A New Age.

With Dinotracker AR, Android and iOS users can go searching for and interact with the dinosaurs from the movie. The animated prehistoric saurians appear life-size in the physical environment. This gives you a good impression of their size.

Discover digital dinosaurs in their more or less natural habitat

You can discover the following dinos:

  • Velociraptor (Blue): One of the dino stars from the movie that can be found in medium-sized areas with visible ground.
  • Velociraptor (Beta): Blue's offspring is a smaller raptor that travels in smaller areas.
  • Carnotaurus: You can find this dinosaur in large, grassy areas. This dinosaur is almost 10 meters long.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: The most famous dinosaur species roams in extra-large areas.

Other dinosaurs you get to see are the Pteranodon, Dilophosaurus, Stygimoloch, Gallimimus, Nasutoceratops and Compsognathus. A trailer shows some of these dinosaurs in action.

Dinotracker AR uses Niantic technology

Dinotracker AR is based on Niantic's Lightship SDK and comes up with advanced AR features.


The app can determine in real time what type of environment the smartphone camera is pointed at and display a matching dinosaur, such as a pteranodon in the sky or a dilophosaurus in a meadow.

The dinosaurs are occluded by physical objects such as walls or tree trunks, which should make them even more realistic (see video above). This occlusion is enabled by Lightship SDK's algorithms for understanding depth in images.

Users can throw food to the Comsognathus with their hands. The hand tracking uses Apple's Core ML and Google's Media Pipe. The dinosaurs are animated with shadow casting and react to the users, for example, when they get too close.

Dinotracker AR was developed by California-based studio Trigger XR and is available for download from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.

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