Quest 2 Update 40 brings more security, parental control, keyboard tracking

Quest 2 Update 40 brings more security, parental control, keyboard tracking
The latest Quest update brings new parental control features, more security and more tracked keyboards.
Update 40.0 will be distributed to quest owners in a staggered manner starting May 16, 2022. As usual, it may take up to a week or more for the update to reach all users. Let's see what new features and improvements have made it into Update 40.0.

Individual app lock

The lock pattern that allows you to protect your VR headset against third-party use can now be enabled for individual VR apps in your app library. This means that VR apps you select will only launch when you enter the lock pattern.

The feature is primarily intended for parents who want to protect their children from VR apps that are unsuitable for them. Meta had announced in March a series of tools and measures designed to protect youngsters. The company confirms that more features of this kind will roll out in the coming months.

Secure payments in VR and Messenger encryption

The 3DS security protocol for credit cards provides additional security for online payments and was previously only supported by the companion app on the smartphone. This meant that you had to take off your VR headset for each transaction.

That's over now: thanks to update 40.0, you can now make purchases in virtual reality with 3DS VR apps. The feature needs to be implemented by developers.

Those who use Messenger in VR can look forward to an additional layer of security: Meta introduces end-to-end encryption for messages and calls. Both parties must have the latest version of Messenger installed for the encryption to take effect.


New tracked keyboards and accessibility features

The virtual office gets an upgrade: The VR headset now tracks two new Logitech keyboards, the Logitech K375s and Logitech MX Keys. Also newly supported is the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad. A complete list of all tracked keyboards can be found in the Oculus Support Center. From now on, you can see which keyboards you are using in the settings and make adjustments.

Meta has implemented new audio settings for people with hearing loss. It is now possible to adjust the volume of the left and right ear channel individually or switch between stereo and mono output. Last but not least, the controller settings have been removed from the experimental functions. They are now regular functions.

For the full text on Update 40.0, check out the Oculus Release Notes. The full text for Update 40.0 can be found in the Oculus Release Notes. Set the English language version at the bottom of the page, if you haven't already done so, to get access to the text.

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