Quest 2 & Quest Pro: Try out Meta's new mixed reality demo

Quest 2 & Quest Pro: Try out Meta's new mixed reality demo

Spatial Fusion is a new mixed reality experience for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro that launches in the browser.

As part of Connect 2022, Meta announced a mixed reality upgrade for the Meta Quest browser. Developers can now create mixed reality experiences that open from within the browser. Thanks to the WebXR interface, this works without prior app installation and with just one click.

The Meta integration supports advanced mixed reality features such as passthrough, surface recognition and spatial anchoring of digital objects. The technology works with Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2, with users of the latter device seeing the environment in black and white rather than color.

Mixed reality directly from the web

To demonstrate the capabilities of the new WebXR technology, Meta partnered with Australian XR studio Phoria to develop an exemplary mixed reality experience: Spatial Fusion.

In it, a wormhole portal opens up right in your apartment, spewing out space rocks, debris and all sorts of strange objects. These float in the middle of the room and bounce off walls and furniture.

Your task is to assemble a spaceship from the debris, into which you are then teleported. Here you will carry out repairs. Once back in your living room, you'll have to suck up any interfering rocks so that the spaceship can leave through the portal to its destination.

Spatial Fusion: How to try out the tech demo

The technical demo is now available on the Internet. To try it out, launch the Meta Quest browser and go to the website. Normally, the experience is also displayed in the WebXR area, so you don't have to type anything. Once you are on the website, you can start the mixed reality experience with one click.


It is worth noting that you need to have drawn your walls beforehand. You can find the corresponding quest function in the settings under Experimental > Set up room.

The more accurately you draw the walls and any objects (tables, doors, windows), the more realistic the mixed reality effect will be. Moreover, make sure that your Guardian area is larger than the room you've drawn in. Don't worry: The pass-through should keep you aware of your surroundings at all times.

Spatial Fusion is one of the most advanced and best mixed reality experiences for Meta Quest 2, along with The World Beyond and I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home.