Quest 2: Meta's VR studio could be working on a giant role-playing game

Quest 2: Meta's VR studio could be working on a giant role-playing game

Many consider Asgard's Wrath the best VR action role-playing game. The studio acquired by Meta could be working on a successor for Meta Quest 2.

Asgard's Wrath was released exclusively for Meta's Rift platform in 2019. Players dive into the world of the Norse Sagas. In the role of a demigod, they slip into mortal heroes of Asgard and, alongside animal companions and with the support of Loki, complete numerous adventures and quests.

The title was well received. Metacritic gave Asgard's Wrath 88 points and MIXED also ranked it among the best VR games of all time. We enjoyed the attention to detail and the large scope of the title, which kept them busy for dozens of hours - an exception among VR-exclusive games.

In early 2020, Meta acquired the studio Sanzaru Games. Since then, it's been quiet around the studio, which is likely secretly working on one or more titles for Meta's leading VR platform. But what exactly is it working on?

Asgard's Wrath: Role-playing Game sequel on the way?

Twitter user NyaVR noticed that Meta trademarked "Worlds of Wrath" in January 2020 and extended the expiration date earlier this year. The trademark category is "virtual reality game software."

The Worlds of Wrath trademark could be an indication that Sanzaru, which joined Meta in 2020, is working on an action role-playing game set in the same universe as Asgard's Wrath.

The word "Worlds," one could further speculate, points to a larger-scale project, possibly a VR MMO or live service game that could be gradually expanded to include new worlds with their own settings and quests.

If virtual reality is sorely lacking an important genre, it's role-playing games. Meta knows this and keeps calling on VR studios to create more narrative role-playing and fantasy games. A multi-year target group study showed that such titles attract the potentially largest group of players, at least in the USA.


Accordingly, it would make sense for Sanzaru Games to work on a large role-playing world. They have already proven that they can do that with Asgard's Wrath.

Meta Quest 2 needs more big games

Sanzaru Games is one of six VR studios that Meta acquired since late 2019. What this and other high-profile studios like Ready at Dawn are working on is a well-kept secret.

Meta holds out the prospect of many "high-quality and extensive VR games" in the coming years. Only GTA: San Andreas and two VR spin-offs of Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell have been officially announced so far, with development of the latter title halted, according to Ubisoft. The last gaming showcase had one or two indie surprises in store, but no bangers.

Perhaps Meta will drop a bombshell or two at the next Connect conference this autumn. It's about time, anyway. There were few game highlights for Meta Quest in 2022. The last title with a big impact was the VR port of Resident Evil 4 - and that was almost a year ago.

Sources: NyaVR @ Twitter