Puzzling Places: New DLC brings Ukrainian monuments, proceeds go to charity

Puzzling Places: New DLC brings Ukrainian monuments, proceeds go to charity

The successful German VR game Puzzling Places gets a Ukraine DLC. The proceeds will go to charity.

Puzzling Places is a relaxing puzzle game in which you assemble 3D fragments of real existing buildings, objects and landscapes into a whole. These were first reconstructed faithfully in 3D using a process called photogrammetry.

The VR game has been continuously improved since its release a year ago, received an AR mode for Meta Quest 2 in the summer, and receives new 3D puzzles at regular intervals, some of them for free.

Puzzling Places is one of the highest-rated VR games in the Oculus Store. Read more about Puzzling Places in our list of the best Meta Quest 2 Games.

3D scans from Ukraine

For the fifth Monthly Pack DLC, the Berlin studio Realities.io cooperated with the Ukrainian company Skeiron.

The 3D scanning professionals are dedicated to digitizing cultural monuments in and outside Ukraine for six years. During this time, Skeiron has digitally preserved more than 100 buildings in four countries, as well as numerous museum collections, through 3D scanning and photogrammetry.


Since the start of the war, 3D scanning in Ukraine has progressed with greater urgency: in the last six months, the team has scanned 19 monuments under the project name #SaveUkrainianHeritage. The 3D scans, which are accurate to the centimeter, could one day help rebuild destroyed cultural monuments.

Proceeds go to charity

The Ukraine DLC costs about $5 and includes the following six monuments:
  • Saint Stanislaus Church in Chortkiw (Wikipedia)
  • Golden Gate of Kiev (Wikipedia)
  • Lviv National Opera (Wikipedia)
  • Assumption Church of Chortkiw (Wikipedia)
  • Round courtyard of Trostyanez
  • Bell tower of the Dormition Cathedral in Kharkiv (Wikipedia)

Half of the proceeds from the first three months of DLC sales will go to Skeiron's scanning initiative, and half will go to NewHorizonsUkraine, a charity that repairs houses and provides emergency aid to needy people in Ukraine.

More information about the Ukraine DLC is available in the corresponding blog post. Puzzling Places is available for Meta Quest 1 & 2 in the Oculus Store and for Playstation VR.